Ferrari F1 Engagement Platform

It is hard to find a group of fans more passionate than members of the Ferrari Formula 1 fan base. We sought to leverage this passion by creating a gamified social platform so they could engage with the team during race weekends the primary “hype” occasions of the Formula 1 season.

For the 2015 Formula 1 season Ferrari asked RED interactive to create an innovative social platform that deepened engagement around all of the online chatter and excitement for their Scuderia Ferrari F1 team. Our solution was to create a social visualizer that mapped social data in real-time around a track during each race, showing excitement levels rise and fall throughout the event.

Given the success of this experience, Ferrari asked us to evolve and optimize the site for the start of the 2016 F1 season.

Agency: RED Interactive
Design Leadership: Executive Creative Director, UX Director
The Team: Producer, Research & Insights Lead, UX Lead, Creative Lead, Copywriter
My Role: UX Director – Design Leadership, UX Research & Strategy, Information Architecture, Rapid Prototyping, User Testing, Design Specifications


The Concept

Final Design

Scuderia Ferrari fans do what they’re already doing – show their enthusiasm, weigh in on topics, make predictions, and share their opinion and are awarded points and badges for their participation.

The more fans play the game, the more points they earn and the higher their credential level becomes. The higher the credential level, the more access fans gain to exclusive content giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at the build up to each race from the perspective of Team SF. From the paddock to the garage, fans are immersed in the building excitement and drama of a race weekend.

Overall, the aim is to get the best content in front of fans early. Everything on the site is designed to get fans to level up quickly, which is incentivized via sneak previews, hints at locked content and general messaging and CTAs throughout the site.


Over the period of the opening race weekend:

  • Over 3000 users registered on the site
  • Fans spent an average of over 7 minutes on the site during each visit
  • There were over 200,000 actions performed on the site
  • 41% of traffic to the site came from social
In the Press

Scuderia Ferrari, in Partnership with RED Interactive Agency, Launches Exclusive Content Platform Aimed at Rewarding Racing Fans, SocialSF All Access